UX/UI - platform design

Discussion about the user interface of PlasmaPay, how features are presented to the user in the client, including language and UI elements.

Cryptocurrency and Tokens

Tell us what cryptocurrency and tokens do you use and how. Which of them should be done first in our wallet?


Got a great idea for a PlasmaPay feature? Great! You should tell us all about it.

Marketplace of financial services and integrations

We are building a marketplace for financial services, like as Payment Providers, Exchangers, Transfers & remittances, Merchant services, Personal finance, Peer-to-peer lending, Fiat exchanges, Digital mortgages and etc.

Bug reports

A bug report means something is broken, preventing normal/typical use of PlasmaPay . Do be sure to search prior to submitting bugs. Include repro steps, and only describe one bug per topic, please.

Multi Language in PlasmaPay

We‘ve worked hard to make PlasmaPay speak in any language fluently.

Ideas for product roadmap

We are happy to hear your ideas on how to build a new financial future with Plasma Products.